Lisa Worbis

Designerin B.A.

Work / The Captain’s Cottage

The book is written for young readers, and especially for reading-newbies, who’d like to make their first steps in mastering a little more complex, adventurous stories.

To ease the reading process, a font, specially designed for young readers and people with a learning disability, was used. A ragged margin with a reasonable semantic syllable division also plays it’s part in improving the readability of the text.

The story in a nutshell: Fridolin, the slightly spoiled tom-cat and his animal friends Lene, Malu, Valentin and Wilhelmine decide to live together in an old cottage by the sea. They have a pretty good time with lots of exciting adventures, until the actual owner of the cottage, the old captain, decides to retire from travelling the sea and move back in. How will he react, when he finds out, that his house has turned into a flat share for animals?