Lisa Worbis

Designerin B.A.

Work / Plan C:// Conscious Design in Discourse

The main goal of “Plan C:// Network for Conscious Design” was to enable a lively, creative discours about eco-effective design and its potentials. The actual trend of “Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability” indicates that sustainable products can find more and more succesful their way in our everyday-life.

What part can play the designer in this process?

Additional to the website-concept and screendesign, I produced a series of interviews: Within the dialogues, creatives from the areas visual communications, fashion- and productdesign, but also architecture share their experience: How to create works that solve social or ecological problems, not cause them.

Read the interviews in my blog:

Michael Braungart | product design
Zum Interview

Helmut Langer | ecosign Academy Cologne | graphic design
Zum Interview