Lisa Worbis

Designerin B.A.

Work / Jewish Youth Today in Germany

This exhibtion-project reflects the life of young Jews in Germany via documentary photography, a series of interviews and a documentary film. It was created by nine students of the study course “Communication Design” at the HTWG Konstanz, Germany. As part of the student-team, I was involved in all areas of the exhibition-making: from photography, to interviewing, design and also production.

Locations of the Exhibition:
Berlin | Jewish Museum
New York | German-House of N.Y. University
Tel Aviv | Beit Daniel Center for the Progressive Judaism
Frankfurt | Jewish Museum
Heidelberg | German-American Institut

The main goal of the exhibition is to give a glimpse on the present young jewish culture in Germany. The main-narrative and heart of the exhibition contains large-formate-portrait-photographs of the interviewed teenagers, supplemented by magazines with their interview-extracts. The exhibition was designed repackable as a touring-exhibtion.

Starting in 2005, the exhibition has traveled ever since very successfully from country to country, spreading a vivid image of young jewish culture in germany, which for some people might probably not have seemed imaginable before.